Metal Roofing Myths Unveiled

It is fascinating to see how many people have no idea concerning metal roofing. If you are new to metal roofing, it is likely that you will fall for these myths. However, metal roofing is just like any other Calgary roofing. Metal is an excellent material for roofing since it is strong and durable. Once you read these six tips, you will realize that most of the negative stuff about metal roofing is a myth.


Metal roofing is likely to be struck by lightning

Seriously, metal roofing does not increase the chances of being struck by lightning. If by any chance it is struck, then the metal roof will dissipate the charge. Since it is not combustible, your house will not catch fire. Therefore, you are safer when you have a metal roof over your head more than other roofing materials.


It is expensive

While it may seem that metal roofing costs more money than other materials, it is untrue. In reality, metal roofing is cheaper than some roofing types such as asphalt. Not only does it increase the value of the building but it also saves money on cooling expenditure. Metal roofing results in up to 50% of energy savings during summer. Considering that it is very durable, and then you know you will not have to keep replacing it. It may even serve you for a lifetime.


It makes a lot of noise when it rains

Those who trust in this myth probably have the idea of those metallic roofs used on barns in the past that sounded like machine guns during the rainy season. However, this is untrue because modern metal roofing is installed over solid sheathing, plywood or over the existing roof. Thus, the noise it produces is no more than what other roof types do.


They are susceptible to dents

Modern metal roofs are designed to withstand years of harsh conditions such as snow and extreme winds. Hail cannot dent a metal roof, and neither are high winds a threat either. In reality, metal roofing is known to do well during hurricanes. Most are built to withstand 120mph winds.

They rust quickly

It is made to last for decades. Steel metal coating is made using zinc and aluminum, which is attached to steel then painted using high-quality paint done to stand the harshest kinds of weather conditions.


If you walk on the top, you will damage it

Before walking on a roof, you will have to take all the necessary precautions. All the same, you can walk on metal roofs comfortably. Before deciding to walk on a roof, always ensure you have quality sporting shoes so as to prevent falls.


If you have desired to have metal roofing but these myths discourage you, it is the high time to disband these myths. Metal roofing is an ideal choice to be used in many types of climatic conditions. Talk to Epic Roofing Exteriors/  on finer advice depending on your locality. All the same, make a wise decision.