In that home staging is he addressing?

Home staging is for all owners wishing to sell their property . This technique has completely democratized in northern Europe, where real estate investors are fond of using housing. Therefore brokers for a classic real estate transaction or for estate, have increasingly tend to ask their customers to realize these works of home staging . This work represents a cost between 2 and 4% of the sale price of the property and allow to win a very interesting time in the sale. It’s an investment for homeowners or investors.

Comparing the cost of home staging for a landlord or real estate investor is minimal effect relative to the gain that will pull this technique. Home staging is for all owners or managers of real estate agents real estate or investors wishing to sell more effectively their property. The technique is developed and proven!

Home staging: what is it?

The concept was born in the 70s in the United States. This is to stage its interior and its decoration to sell his property. In the staging, it allows a potential buyer to more easily a crush on his property and focus more strongly there. The objective is not to propose its own decoration, which has the gift to put off a potential buyer who would struggle to feel at home when visiting.

The goal of staging is to set up an interior design highlighting all strengths of its housing, while remaining neutral enough to allow the potential buyer to appropriate it, s imagine living in this house, in other words to project it. It was recognized that a major buyer is decided in the first 90 seconds of his visit: the use of home staging helps make the difference at this time.