Classic consultation
determine changes to your home

In a written precise and comprehensive report, each piece of your property will be analyzed, inspected and photographed. Our written recommendations will help you enhance the overall look of your property and updating the decor. Of sound and relevant advice Home Staging will help you make yourselves the necessary changes in a very short time.

Consultation with rental furniture and accessories create an atmosphere

Some properties require only the addition of a few accessories or a slight change in the arrangement of furniture. If you decide to go ahead with the analysis report, you will take care of cleaning, storage, painting and minor work, if necessary, and in turn, we will take care of purchasing, rent of accessories, art objects or furniture, the establishment and creation of atmosphere. We ensure that your home is ready for sale!

Consultation in home staging, leasing and development

Create the stroke of Heart

Our reports are clear, precise and detailed. This service of “Home Staging” turnkey includes the entire value of your property some renovations, paint and labor. It will also include the rental or purchase of accessories, furniture. The outside front or rear of the house can also be targeted if necessary and requested. The organization and planning of the work will be done with the help of specialist “Home Staging”.