Makeovers house or condo

Redecorate its interior cheap is a subject very fashionable in recent years, particularly with the Home Staging. This concept is not always known and few people dare to embark on this new project. The home makeover, which takes some ideas from Home Staging , takes less time and is suitable for even smaller budgets. Here is a little article that will tell you more on the home makeover, which may make you want to get started …

What the makeover?

Unfortunately today the idea of redecorating the interior is very often associated with a large expenditure of money. Few people engage in this project, which would take too much money, too much time and that also requires a certain taste in decoration.

This is why we recommend the home makeover. In the era of affordable decor and budget, the makeover is a solution to customize its interior without exceeding the amount set initially.

The makeover is to change the layout of one or more parts of his house being supervised by professionals who take certain basic principles of Home Staging such as decluttering, creating atmosphere, the harmony of the decor, fast execution and especially on a budget. This is mainly to create a new decoration in a very short time and with a tight budget.
A visit is made, a decorative proposal at a reasonable price is then written and is offered to the customer. So, you know from the start what you spend and you will not be surprised by unexpected expenses often caused by poor organization.

The purpose of the home makeover is to personalize the property unique and specific way to the customer so that he rediscovers and falls in love with it.

Why would I need the makeover?

There are two possibilities: either you fit out a new property for you decorate, or you simply want to change decor. In both cases, you need to choose the colors, painting, reposition furniture, buy some accessories … It is not always obvious.

If you want to change the feel of your home, you feel at home, but you do not want to ruin you or that you simply do not have the artistic side, then the home makeover is for you. You can then learn how to choose a consultant and color match paint, how have your furniture, you will be advised in your future purchases …

Why the makeover of the house rather than the interior design? What is the difference?

The makeover is faster but also more economical method. Indeed, professional changes the atmosphere of your home using what you already have and by adding new accessories purchased at affordable price. Just let yourself be guided by the consultant who will choose for you, with your help of course, the colors for paint, the type of lighting … according to the mood you want.